The Whitmer & Worrall approach to servicing our clients’ needs relies on a combination of fully understanding our clients’ business goals and objectives, and developing winning strategies to achieve success in Washington, D.C. We determine which decision makers we target through our bipartisan approach, not simply by political party.


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The client assessment

Too many firms in Washington, D.C. don’t spend enough time getting to know the business fundamentals and core competencies of the clients they represent. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach often leads to little success. At Whitmer & Worrall, we will complete an exhaustive process of learning our clients’ core business before we propose a strategy, engage in lobbying activities, or begin the process of influencing political and legislative outcomes. Prior to our government relations activities on Capitol Hill, we will want to spend time with our clients’ leadership to learn as much as possible about their business plan to better accomplish our clients’ goals.

Results oriented plan of action

Whitmer & Worrall’s approach to servicing clients rests on the importance of developing a comprehensive plan of action. This plan should highlight concrete goals, timelines, congressional and executive branch targets, and serve as a road-map for success. Most importantly, this plan of action is developed in a collaborative effort whereby our clients’ have a clear understating of the strategy and tactics recommended by our firm.

A trusted extension of your staff

We approach our client engagements from the standpoint that we function as an extension of your professional staff and our commitment to our clients is to work hand-in-hand with them as a trusted advisor. Many active participants in the legislative process, including corporate and non-profit interests, do not have Washington, D.C. offices. At Whitmer & Worrall, we play an important role for our clients by offering them an on-going, full-time presence in the federal marketplace. This trusted role requires we offer regular communications and updates for our clients, which usually translates into our talking daily/weekly with the people we represent.

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